Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tremors felt in Singapore from earthquake in North Sumatra

By Joanne Chan | Posted: 24 July 2010 1146 2010 1146 hrs

SINGAPORE: Tremors were felt in parts of Singapore Saturday morning.

Callers to the MediaCorp Hotline said the tremors, which lasted about a minute, were felt in places such as Farrer Road, Cecil Street and North Bridge Road.

Lynn Jamaludin was in her office, located on the 24th floor of Tong Eng Building on Cecil Street, when the tremors hit at around 10am.

She said: "We actually felt the desk shaking slightly, and then we felt the building was moving a bit. But it stopped after about 50 seconds. We waited for the second tremor but it didn't come so we decided to stay in the office."

The National Environment Agency's Meteorological Services Division said an earthquake of magnitude 6.25 hit northern Sumatra at 10.11am Singapore time.

The quake epicentre was some 450 kilometres from Singapore.

NEA says there is no tsunami threat to Singapore.

- CNA/jm

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